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The Bradley Mine...        
Welling Mine, Vernon, NJ Hard Mine, Ringwood, NJ Mine near Rockaway
Gold Mine  Prospect, Ellensville, NY     The Haggerty Farm Explorations, Allamuchy Twp, NJ Hope Mine - Ringwood, NJ 1700's -1800's
Mount Hope Mine,  Rockaway, NJ     1700's-1970's 2006 Mine Tour  at Pahaquarry! Bird Mine,  Vernon, NJ
Bethlehem Mine,  Bethlehem, NJ     1860's-1900's Roseville Mine,  Byram, NJ     1850-1880's Shawangunk Mine, NY       1848 to 1918
Ford Mine,  Jefferson, NJ     1855-1896 Schofield Mine, Jefferson, NJ 1855-1896 High Ledge Mine,     Roxbury, NJ 1880-1883
Peters Mine, Ringwood, NJ 1760's-1940's Layton Mine, Vernon, NJ 1872-1880's Dodge Mine, Jefferson, NJ 1868-1884
Continental Mine, Scranton, PA 1860-1966 High Point Silver Mine - High Point NJ O'Traveller   Mine -  Piermont,       NY
Victor Mine, Ogdensburg, NJ Edison Copper Mine -Ogdensburg, NJ Franklin Mine - Franklin, NJ      1700's-1900's
Snook Mine - Sandyston, NJ 1880's Standish Mine - Warwick, NY 1880's Hibernia Mine - Hibernia, NJ 1700's -     1916
Cascade Mine - Byram, NJ 1850-1883


Wawayanda Mine - Vernon, NJ 1846-1891

UPDATED Pahaquarry   Mine - NJ           1650-1910

Blue Mine - Ringwood, NJ 1800's-1905 Mt Hope Mines - New Leonard - Rockaway, NJ 1940's UPDATED  Sherman      Bunker Mine - Sparta, NJ      1853-1905
Mount Hope Mines - Finley Shaft - Rockaway, NJ Charlotte Mine - Byram, NJ 1900's Pochuk Mine - Vernon, NJ      1835-1876
Pine Swamp Mine - NY State, 1830-1880's

Edison Mine - Sparta, NJ 1800's-1905

Palmer Mine - Franklin, NJ 1890's-1940's

Williams Mine - Vernon, NJ 1870;s

Goble Mine, Sparta, NJ 1870's

Andover Mine - Andover, NJ 1700's-1863

Dolan Mine - Rockaway, Late 1800's.

                    Mount Hope  Mine - Elizabeth Shaft, Rockaway, NJ 1800's - 1900's

Furnace Mine - Franklin, NJ  1700-1800's

Roomy Mine - Ringwood, NJ 1840's-1890's

Hamburg Mine - Franklin, NJ 1700's-1800's

Parker Shaft - Franklin, NJ 1890's 1908

Green Mine - Vernon, NJ Abandoned 1888

Hamburg Lime Kilns - Hamburg, NJ 1880's

UPDATED  Panic Mine - Franklin, NJ  1855-1881

Unknown Mine - Hardyston, NJ

Richard Mine - Rockaway, NJ 1800-mid 1900's

Canistear Mine - Vernon, NJ     1870-1880

Sterling Hill Mine - Ogdensburg, NJ 1800's Trotter Tunnel

Pikes Peak & Longshore      Mine -      Franklin, NJ 1800's

Edsall Mine - Hamburg, NJ 1810's


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       Abandoned mines of New Jersey  This website was formed to snapshot and catalog the numerous abandoned mines in the State of NJ. These mines all have a story to tell, and a few secrets to share. All mines wielded influence and had impacts on the history of our localities,  our current lives being dotted back to their presence. All are unique in everyway. Inside you will find research information during my cataloging of these mines, with some tales along the way. This is their story..