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The Hamburg Mine is not located in Hamburg, its in Franklin NJ, however its called hamburg because it was off of hamburg Road. The mine is as old as they come, dating before the revolutionary war, it was a Zinc mine, and the one and only shaft it had was called the Lang Shaft. No data is available on this shaft, but it was a sloped shaft.

If you follow a line going southwest from this mine, you will run directly into The Ding Dong pit & Shaft, Trotter Shafts, Weights and Measures Pit, The Buckwheat and Taylor mine pits, the Black Hole inside the Buckwheat pit, The Longshore Iron Mine, The Pikes Peak Iron Mine, Furnace Mine, the Balls Hills mines (Panic, Hill, Water, Hospital, No 3, no 4 and Gooseberry Mines)



Under these rocks somewhere is the Lang Shaft

You can see some steam rising up from it, it must be DEEP


Subsidence opening..

Ruins are always interesting, what stood here long ago?

More ruins

A fairly deep cut.

Under this roadway is a large iron plate

High street used to be straight and level, subsidence has caused much sinking of the ground over the last 50 years...


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